Is Retirement a Myth?

Retire with confidence, not with fear!

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Millions of Canadians are closing in on retirement and are very fearful about their quality of life in retirement. 

The average Canadian does not have enough money saved to live the lifestyle they’ve dreamed about at retirement.

Retirement is a myth for the average Canadian

What went wrong?

A recent CIBC poll showed:
  • 51 % have saved $184,000
  • 30 % no retirement savings
  • 19 % less than $50,000 saved

1.7 million needed to retire?!

Many changes have affected the way we will live in retirement.
  • We are all living longer and it is difficult to save. 
  • Most companies do not have pension plans. 
  • There is the fear of outliving the money you we have. 

After you have identified the amounts you will receive from Old Age Security, Canada Pension Plan, Your RIFF, TFSA you may realize that you have a short fall.

You are not alone!
Millions of Canadians do not have enough income to retire.

Would you like to be excited for retirement?

yes! tell me more!

We show you the steps to successfully build and run a side business that compliments your retirement income. 

So what is the program all about?

We created this program to help ease financial stress, not take over your life.

The Solopreneur Program helps you open a Profitable Side Hustle Business

Our program

You will discover the Personal Situational Analysis tools made up of:

  • S.W.O.T. Analysis
  • Detailed Personal Budget
  • Passive Income 
  • Shortfall Analysis
  • Setting Financial Goals

Price: $149.00

Session 1 The solopreneur program to side hustle business:

You will discover how to develop a business idea.

  • Coming up with a business idea
  • Do what you love and the money will follow!
  • Analyze your resume
  • Using your Interests and Hobbies

Price: $149.00

Session 2 The solopreneur program to side hustle business:

Participants will discover the business planning process and the development of a workable business plan. Three one-hour sessions.

  • Market Research
  • Business Planning
  • Cash Flow Projections

Price: $447.00

Session 3 The solopreneur program to side hustle business:

Participants will discover how to build an workable marketing plan. Two one-hour sessions.

  • Value Proposition
  • Finding The Dot
  • Pricing
  • Channels
  • Promotion

Price: $298.00

Session 4 The solopreneur program to side hustle business:

Participants will discover how to build an action plan and implement the opening of your new business.

  • Action Planning
  • Checklist for opening a business

Price: $99.00

Session 5 The solopreneur program to side hustle business:

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Online Group facilitation with like minded solopreneurs on the same journey.

  • Online one on one counselling
  • Detailed worksheets

At the end you will have a business plan and an action plan to move ahead on your solopreneur journey.

For a total of: $999.00

How does it work?

For the last 35 years I have provided assistance to entrepreneurs all over western Canadian. My passion is to  work with people who have stepped out of their comfort zone and have chosen to become entrepreneurs. 

As an entrepreneur myself, I have experienced the good & the bad of being an entrepreneur. I can relate to the fear and struggle of starting a business but also the joy, sense of accomplishment and financial benefits of when your business succeeds! 

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My core values are:

  • Respect For The Individual
  • Customer Service
  • Competency
  • Humour
  • Win Win Or No Deal
  • Results

I am a graduate of Lethbridge College, the University of Lethbridge and I a small business advisor. It is a proud accomplishment of mine, as it took over 400 hours of business counselling and facilitating of 105 business competencies. 

Over the years, I have facilitated many courses at the college and university level and I was a national trainer for Chrysler North America. For many years I worked in high-risk business financing and helped hundreds of entrepreneurs open their business doors. My first business was an Advertising Agency, but over the years my passion shifted to helping others fulfill their entrepreneur dreams!

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My core values are:

  • Respect For The Individual
  • Customer Service
  • Competency
  • Humour
  • Win Win Or No Deal
  • Results

B.A.,Tchg. Cert. (Ab), Dip. Bus Admin

Morley Belle, Lead Strategist

What my clients say

Morley has been a pivotal part of our execuserv facilitation team for many years and has supported numerous entrepreneurs through our program.   His teaching style is clear and concise as he shows them how to write a business plan and a cash flow projection.  Alongside that, he offers ongoing mentorship and coaching support.  The feedback from participants is consistently positive and they express how appreciative they are of his knowledge and his willingness to not only challenge their thinking, but also to make time for them as they begin this new journey.  He is always willing to pick up a phone and returns messages promptly.  He is a great addition to our team and we give him a full five stars!

Heather Woods, Program Coordinator. execuserv plus inc.

“I have had the privilege of working with Morley especially in the area of small business and entrepreneurship development. Morley is a driven and inspiring businessman who gets things done”.

Gillian Nish, President
 execuserv plus inc.

Gillian Nish, President execuserv plus inc.


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